Funny letter from a guy to her lover. Read and enjoy.
My dear,
I have sold your Blackberry Porsche to pay for our new pad in Anthony Village.
I know you would be pissed off, but you complained that my mini flat was not even large enough for our bed and sofas.
How much I sold it?
N390, 000.
I thought of also using the cash to pay for that plot of land I saw in Gbara Village, Sagamu-Ikorodu Road, Mosimi, Ogun State. But the price has increased from N300, 000 to N540, 000.
The agent is a greedy sonofabitich.
Now our sitting room has a enough room for that LG 47 inch Smart TV and home theatre you fell in love at the Lagos International Trade Fair.
Don’t worry.
I trust God to give me another juicy contract at the NNPC and I will buy you another one.
The latest BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981.
I know your idol Beyoncé has one.
But you are not Beyoncé and I am not JayZ.
Think of some more beneficial things we can get with the money.
But lest you forget, your mom told me that she does not have any life insurance and Whole life insurance is a permanent form of insurance protection that mama should have.
In fact, at 74, she is long over due for it.
What do you think?
You know I love your mom like my own mom.
You know Mommy J complained that the roof of her bedroom is leaking and needs repairs. I have been thinking of changing that old roof of her small bungalow.
The N500K for our Christmas weekend fun trip to Dubai is enough for it.
What do you think?
We really need to sit down and review our 2012 Must Do List again.
I will see you later.
Yours truly,
Story by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima/