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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

State of The Nation Address

I had to just come of my hibernation to make this short comment on this topical and burning issue that's engulfing our nation at the moment.

How do you justify a term of imprisonment for two years or paying a fine of N750, 000: 00 for stealing 23.3 Billion Naira ( about $147 million)? Simply, the law does not allow the judge to impose a sentence than that prescribed by the law. So in Mr John Yusuf's case, so he got a pat on the back for being a smart alec.( though he has been re-arrested, whats to say the same wont repeat itself?).

How do you justify a term of three years imprisonment for stealing a handset worth N 17,000 when juxtaposed with the sentence imposed in the preceding paragraph? Simply, the law is different for the rich and the poor.

How do you justify name calling? Simply if someone calls you a reckless spender, call them( him/her or him and her) a reckless spender too.. E.g. You have spent 10 trillion Naira recklessly, you respond, You nko, didn't you spend 352.3 Billion as Minister for Education recklessly?

How do you spend $34 million on a Malian adventure? Simply, ask the French to provide men and equipment, then ready 901 men to go but send only 100 men...

How do you survive being a Nigerian? Simply, it is inborn. Just being a Nigerian makes you tough...

Till the snow thaws, i go back to my hibernation.....

Yours faithfully,

Your Neighbourhood Friendly Bear,
DA INJURER... ff me where the birds chirp and tweet@dainjurer.

Friday, January 4, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR............

SUMMARY OF NIGERIA's HISTORY TO DATE (as compiled from @Chxta's Timeline)

There was a country...

1905: The British government bought a total area of just over 900,000 sq km from the Royal Niger Company. Cost: £845,000.

1910: A report was sent to London indicating that for three years running, the Northern part had failed to meet its production quotas.

1910: same report also pointed out that the Southern part had exceeded its production quotas by a factor of three in the same period.

1913: The decision was taken to merge the Southern and Northern parts for "administrative convenience".
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