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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lat-mo (sisi ton lo).mp4

Lat-Mo - Sisi To Nlo

Lat-Mo - Sisi To Nlo by Lat-Mo

Friday, October 28, 2011

Writer’s block, Baba Suwe, Ghaddafi et al…….

Dear Web log,
It has been a while since I wrote you. How have thou been? Did you miss me like I missed you? I bet you didn’t since you are too busy like Oyingbo market to note who came or not…
Seriously, I suffered over the past two weeks from a severe strain of influenza which I hear is going around and that culminated in my being seriously indisposed as the cough and catarrh that flowed along with the flu was unimaginable. I managed to catch it early but the damage was done already…
Which damage, you might ask? Yes you guessed right… I tried to write this post but absolutely nothing flowed….. Except for that already mentioned…
I mean, this has not happened before… That I, the great talk active would not have anything to say or write… I mean it’s legendary (amongst people who know me) that if ever there was a talk-a-thon, I would be a great candidate…. As I write this, I am feeling the beginnings of a migraine as my brain feels like its being stressed just to compose this post. Now I understand why writers sometimes don’t publish regularly and say they suffered a writer’s block…. It simply means they couldn’t write as their brains were blocked by catarrh….LOL…
Now unto the issues of the moment, I have refused to take a stand on the on-going tragio-comedy of gargantuan proportions that is the Baba Suwe/NDLEA movie that is being acted out day by day in Nigeria… I mean the scriptwriter for this movie has to be one with a writer’s block…I say this because the gaps in the story are too ludicrous to be believable. Initially, we were informed by rumours on social networks and other new media that he excreted 16 pellets of substances suspected to be cocaine. Then it was rebutted by official sources. Then NDLEA got a court Order to hold him for a further 15 days. The rumors surfaced again…. The other day, an unnamed NDLEA officer said and I paraphrase “the man must be using some serious juju to hold the drugs in his stomach as the two scans conducted show the drugs are in his stomach but he has not excreted them yet (REALLY??????) I have not seen this level of juju before”. I mean seriously, what do we make of that statement? I think something is amiss AS THERE IS NO FIRE WITHOUT SMOKE and the truth will prevail.... eventually someday…
P.S.Justice Idowu of the Lagos High Court has ordered Baba Suwe to be released on Friday, 3rd November 2011 if further excretions revealed no substances were found. She granted bail in the sum of $3,300 only...
Well, it’s no longer news that the strongman of Africa/Libya, Mummar Ghaddafi is dead… while that’s supposedly good for the NATO backed rebels and the Libyan people, I find reprehensible the growing notion in international law that laws can be broken in order to get criminals.. It happened with Osama when Obama sat back in the White House bunker and watched on large screen TV as Osama was assassinated without a due trial for crimes he committed and the same treatment was meted out to Ghaddafi… Don’t misconstrue my views, I am not in support of Ghaddafi's attempt to transform his country to a monarchy, the same system of government he came to over-throw as being too archaic and out-moded. Its my understanding that Libyans will have accepted his son, who was being touted as an English trained Arab as president if they had been presented with a semblance of having elected him through the polls but Mummar chose to disregard his people and he paid for it with his life. i wept at seeing the various videos and pictures showing his last few minutes... Makes one wonder if it was all worth it...Moral of the Ghaddafi's story is this, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PEOPLE FOR GRANTED AND IF YOU DO, DON'T CALL THEM RATS TO THEIR FACES AND HEARING, THEY MIGHT JUST TURN ON YOU....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to My Fave Place: Building a blog from the basics..

7 Simple Steps To $1 Million by Glenn Curtis

While we await the gist merchant to finish construction of his fave place, here are some pearls of financial wisdom for us all to utilize...

Still under construction...


P.S. This article was culled from the internet and posted to Facebook by my significant other, Feyi Pitan in November 2009...

Saw this article online and thought it beneficial to us all. Hope you will keep sight of the principles espoused in it. See you at the top.

Let's face it; we all don't make millions of dollars a year, and the odds are that most of us won't receive a large windfall inheritance either. However, that doesn't mean that we can't build sizeable wealth - it'll just take some time. If you're young, time is on your side and retiring a millionaire is achievable. Read on for some tips on how to increase your savings and work toward this goal.

1. Stop Senseless Spending
Unfortunately, people have a habit of spending their hard-earned cash on goods and services that they don't need. Even relatively small expenses, such as indulging in a gourmet coffee from a premium coffee shop every morning, can really add up - and decrease the amount of money you can save. Larger expenses on luxury items also prevent many people from putting money into savings each month.
That said, it's important to realize that it's usually not just one item or one habit that must be cut out in order to accumulate sizable wealth (although it may be). Usually, in order to become wealthy one must adopt a disciplined lifestyle and budget. This means that people who are looking to build their nest eggs need to make sacrifices somewhere - this may mean eating out less frequently, using public transportation to get to work and/or cutting back on extra, unnecessary expenses.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out and have fun, but you should try to do things in moderation - and set a budget if you hope to save money. Fortunately, particularly if you start saving young, saving up a sizeable nest egg only requires a few minor (and relatively painless) adjustments to your spending habits.

2. Fund Retirement Plans ASAP
When individuals earn money, their first responsibility is to pay current expenses such as the rent or mortgage expenses, food and other necessities. Once these expenses have been covered, the next step should be to fund a retirement plan or some other tax-advantaged vehicle.

Unfortunately, retirement planning is an afterthought for many young people. Here's why it shouldn't be: funding a 401(k) and/or a IRA early on in life means you can contribute less money overall and actually end up with significantly more in the end than someone who put in much more money but started later. (To see how this works, check out Why is retirement easier to afford if you start early?)

How much difference will funding a vehicle such as a Roth IRA early on in life make?

If you're 23 years old and deposit $3,000 per year (that's only $250 each month!) in a Roth IRA earning and 8% average annual return, you will have saved $985,749 by the time you are 65 years old due to the power of compounding. If you make a few extra contributions, it's clear that a $1 million goal is well within reach. Also keep in mind that this is mostly interest - your $3,000 contributions only add up to $126,000.

Now, suppose that you wait an additional 10 years to start contributing. You have a better job and you know you've lost some time, so you contribute $5,000 per year. You get the same 8% return and you aim to retire at 65. When you reach age 65, you will have saved $724,753. That's still a sizeable fund, but you had to contribute $160,000 just to get there - and it's no where near the $985,749 you could've had for paying much less.

3. Improve Tax Awareness
Sometimes, individuals think that doing their own taxes will save them money. In some cases, they might be right. However, in other cases it may actually end up costing them money because they fail to take advantage of the many deductions available to them.

Try to become more educated as far as what types of items are deductible. You should also understand when it makes sense to move away from the standard deduction and start itemizing your return.

However, if you're not willing or able to become very well educated filing your own income tax, it may actually pay to hire some help, particularly if you are self employed, own a business or have other circumstances that complicate your tax return.

4. Own Your Home
At some point in our lives, many of us rent a home or an apartment because we cannot afford to purchase a home, or because we aren't sure where we want to live for the longer term. And that's fine. However, renting is often not a good long-term investment because buying a home is a good way to build equity.

Unless you intend to move in a short period of time, it generally makes sense to consider putting a down payment on a home. (At least you would likely build up some equity over time and the foundation for a nest egg.)

5. Avoid Luxury Wheels
There's nothing wrong with purchasing a luxury vehicle. However, individuals who spend an inordinate amount of their incomes on a vehicle are doing themselves a disservice - especially since this asset depreciates in value so rapidly.

How rapidly does a car depreciate?

Obviously, this depends on the make, model, year and demand for the vehicle, but a general rule is that a new car loses 15-20% of its value per year. So, a two-year old car will be worth 80-85% of its purchase price; a three-year old car will be worth 80-85% of its two-year-old value.

In short, especially when you are young, consider buying something practical and dependable that has low monthly payments - or that you can pay for in cash. In the long run, this will mean you'll have more money to put toward your savings - an asset that will appreciate, rather than depreciate like your car.

6.Don't Sell Yourself Short
Some individuals are extremely loyal to their employers and will stay with them for years without seeing their incomes take a jump. This can be a mistake, as increasing your income is an excellent way to boost your rate of saving.

Always keep your eye out for other opportunities and try not to sell yourself short. Work hard and find an employer who will compensate you for your work ethic, skills and experience.

7. Bottom Line
You don't have to win the lottery to see seven figures in your bank account. For most people, the only way to achieve this is to save it. You don't have to live like a pauper to build an adequate nest egg and retire comfortably. If you start early, spend wisely and save diligently, your million-dollar dreams are well within reach.

by Glenn Curtis, (Contact Author | Biography)

Glenn Curtis started his career as an equity analyst at Cantone Research, a New Jersey-based regional brokerage firm. He has since worked as an equity analyst and a financial writer at a number of print/web publications and brokerage firms including Registered Representative Magazine, Advanced Trading Magazine, Worldlyinvestor.com, RealMoney.com, TheStreet.com and Prudential Securities. Curtis has also held Series 6,7,24 and 63 securities licenses.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building a blog from the basics..

So i want a blog too. Or is it not my e'too( right) as an internet savvy geek who spends a bit of time surfing......

My name is Feyi and i am proud to be a Nigerian.

My father is from Ondo State ( people say we are too stubborn but i say no, we just a tenacious people who stick to their views no matter how right or wrong we are) while my mum is from Ogun State ( Egba + Ijebu) so i am a cosmopolitan Nigerian and i do not intend to do an Andrew(remember the famous song "Nigeria go better" by Veno Marioghene (hope i got the name right) which featured Enebeli Elebuwa in the music video and contained the catchphrase "Andrew no check out" |) any time soon despite that what she sang about in 1985 is still prevalent and abounding today. If you never saw the video or heard the song, consult your nearest adult...Adult here refers to someone who was a teenager or thereabouts in 1985..
Na wa o! Has it been that long? One day e go better na poor man prayer.....

So i learnt a few things about myself recently. when i-sad trended, i saw the impact of one man's idea on people he never met and i was like whoa, what kind of obit will i get when i pay the Grim Reaper his debt?

So that got me thinking... Does money rule the world or Ideas rule the world?

Go down one step..... saw this just as i was posting.... Its in you everywhere you go...

You are still scrolling down abi? expecting to see more funny pishures  abi?

You are almost there... Keep scrolling...

You know the answer, right?

So what is your IDEA?

Welcome to my world
and here is where
i will be free
to be ME...

Still under construction.....

Come back later...
copyright 2011

Thoughts of a young(not so young) Nigerian: So i want a blog..

Thoughts of a young(not so young) Nigerian: So i want a blog..

so i want a blog. then build one. so i built one. Mind you, i was an art student..
So now that i have built one, wetin go be the contents thereof.....
Should i write my mini-autobiography online....(might keep u all entertained as i have lived a very interesting life) or should i write a themed blog or Should i write about my university days? Boring as i passed through school but school left me behind...want to see some of my school pics... click here....


so you clicked truly?

Sorry about the joke but the point i was trying to make is that at times, we need not to take ourselves too seriously and also have the grace to see humour around us as the stress of daily living can take its toll on our lives. This blog is all about me and what's on my mind.. I know some people probably might be mistaken by the address (i.e gistmerchant.blogspot.com) and conclude that i will be doing a Linda Ikeji or Olufamousblog but so sorry to disappoint you, this blog is my place on the www to rant, rave or say what's on my seriously disturbed mind.. the only gist you shall be getting is what's trending on my mind. LOL. If you want gossip and other gist, here is Linda's blog lindaikeji.blogspot.com and OluFamous' blog olufamous.blogspot.com

I am passionate about a lot of things some of which are Chelsea ( the football club o, not the drink), Nigeria( how to make it a better place than we met it), food( if i could afford it, i will be a gourmand) sports, tee-vee( i love watching series gan ni o and my favourite tv character is Dr. Gregory House played by British actor, Hugh Laurie( who just released an album) in the medical series, House MD), music( i have an eclectic taste and can listen to anything that sounds nice to my ears http://soundcloud.com/lat-mo/lat-mo-ft-fatai-rolling) in no particular order.

Watch Hugh Laurie's live performance above. See why i like him.. his little comedic performance before singing is him being him.. Some of my friends have said to me that i am seriously flawed like Dr House.. i admit that might be true as i am cynical and sarcastic as it gets. here is the Amazon link if you are interested in his albumhttp://www.amazon.com/Let-Them-Talk-Hugh-Laurie/dp/B005IFWXWU/ref=sr_1_1_digr?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1321549517&sr=1-1

So that's me...

PS. i wrote this in September 2011 but never got to posting it. so enjoy...


Saturday, October 8, 2011

So i want a blog..


I am bored again.... So that means its time to write up a storm..( Not Katrina o).. I created a blog in November 2010 but left it after just a single post..... Whoa.... Give it up for me.. I sure have a nice record.. one blog post per year... No wonder Adsense said no sharperly...So i am building this new blog all by myself and discovering and remembering how learning a new thing( back in the days) was fun and could be fun..

On this blog, expect to be entertained in a way never experienced before as i bring a FRESHFLOW into blogging..(More on Freshflow later on).. so sit back and curl up on the sofa. grab whatever its you like grabbing and watch this video by Lat-Mo)

who is talking to all the shakara sisi out there...

This blog is still under construction..

Come back later....

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