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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The future of Nigeria is assured. I was at  a show organised by Amuwo Odofin Local Government and i must tell you this, the pictures you are about to see did not come easy. Paparazzi de try o. Ol boy, dem beat   push me but the show must go on... I took about 300 pictures but will be posting only a few(others to come in future posts).

          My boy, Lat-Mo doing his thing live on stage.

A cross section of the massive crowd that turned up.
The massive stage used. I apologise for the picture. It was taken from my skycopter so that i could get a bigger view of the stage. Apparently my selected view point was too far. Talk of overkill...Lol!
The above picture is a representation of the massive crowd was but the people were scattered all over the venue until
Cabo Snoop came on stage and performed his hit track"Windeck" which had a massive effect on the crowd and turned the concert around. Crowd was estimated at about 35,000 fun-seekers who defied Jo-lantern's new year shocker to have fun. Nigerians no dey carry last. So sorry i could not get a picture of Cabo Snoop as i was far away in the crowd and before i could meander my way through the crowd, he had finished performing and did not stay back for press shots or interviews. Chei, wetin i find go inside crowd ?
The equipment deployed was simply incredible. The above picture shows Dj Zeez or ZEEZ as he prefers to be shown as now performing to the crowd from a cameraman's platform in order to be closer to the crowd. He is the fella putting on a white jacket( which he threw into the crowd eventually) with an arm outstretched.
W4 performing "Wa gba Control"
Comrade Adewale Ayodele with Jaywon.
YQ performing his hit single" I like Girls, Girls" with a bevy of nubile females surrounding him. He sure likes girls, if you take a closer look at above pic, then you will see what i saw live.LOL! His stagecraft is on point.
Lil' Angelica who is 7 or 8 years old did a great job of covering Shakira's Waka Waka (Time for Africa) and had a positive message to deliver to Nigerians. She will go places if she keeps it up.
The veteran(shebi wetin person don de do for long, him don turn veteran be that) ( he is still a young man though) "Ruggedman" had a swell time on stage and throughly enjoyed himself and performed a medley of songs interspersed with political humour and satire. His performance was on point and he closed it by informing the crowd that he is not Yoruba as perceived or believed but a proud Igbo man and proved it by performing a song in Igbo. 
Vector the Viper after his energetic performance. 
                                                                                                                                                                 The show was great, a mix of old and established stars and upcoming young acts. More pictures to be posted as the month goes by. Sorry for the late posting, i was incapacitated and if you note the date, you would observe that i actually started this post on Wednesday but could not get to finish it then. What i loved about the show was the opportunity given to about 30 upcoming artistes to also showcase their talents and some of them were truly impressive. So that's all folks for now. Like Nollywood,watch out for Part 3,4 &5. 

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