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Sunday, February 5, 2012


1. I was born in March@ exactly 12 noon after a protracted labour of 12 hours(12AM to 12 PM)(narrowly  missed out on having my birthday every 4 years)

2. I love watching Tee-Vee.......( HOUSE M.D., GAME OF THRONES, ROME, LOST, HEROES, ETC...

3. I do not know to drive though i have 20 years of theoretical experience( the price of my dream car keeps rising and my income can not meet up for now..My dream car?? you really want to know? ok, a Lamborgini Countach 1978 model)

4. I am a hopeless romantic.( i still cry when watching Titanic, though i have seen the effing movie 200 times)

5. I suffer from DID.( Disassociative Identity Disorder formely known as Multi-Personality Disorder)(SELF-DIAGNOSED)

6. I can talk non-stop for 7 hours if the company is stimulating

7. I can keep mute for only 5 minutes( after that, i go leave your side)

8. I am in love with Nature e.g. I love watching the Sun set, waves lapping, bird-watching, u get the idea.

9. I am an adrenaline junkie.. My bucket list includes bungee jumping, sky-diving, parachuting. I once para glided in Abetifi, Ghana. You should visit there during Easter, its one big 7 days of frolicking African style.

10. I lost my virginity innocence/naivety in my mid twenties. ( I know you are wondering why i am stating this but my virginity innocence/naivety was a big issue as i was very proud of my chastity and flaunted it among my friends until they decided to do something about it, do not ask me how)


12. My nickname in secondary school was Da Injurer(JS 1)(because i always was retorting "i"ll injure you" to everybody whether bigger or smaller), Sufferman(JS 2 -SS3) but who is laughing now...

13. I am an alchemist and my primary studies is on the differences when you mix ethanol with RedBull or Powerhorse. You dont get it????????????

14. I have only celebrated one birthday my entire life. See picture below


15.I love reading. I am a voracious reader. Stephen King, Harlequin/M&B, Robert Ludlum, Jeffery Archer etc..... I can read anything provided it is printed matter. Read Alex Haley's ROOTS in 3 days flat. ( Twice as i am a skimmer before i assimilate.)

16. I have an eclectic taste in music. From Apala to Rock N Roll, Rockability to Bluegrass.

17. I have a sweet tooth.

18. I have never weighed more than 60Kg in my entire life.(ADDED 5 KG IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS)

19. I love listening to the radio. If i was not solving people's problems, i would probably be a Disk Jockey on a late night show playing weird music.

20. I am a night owl.

21. I am a very good cook. I make mean meals though not in that 5* chef level. Taste of the brag is in the eating..

22. I am a Chelsea Football Club fan. I am a True Blue, was there before Roman came around, so you better tell somebody.(WE ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS NOW)

 23. I am an internet junkie. i crawl, surf, browse, etc. see what i picked up today


24. I am certifiably a genius. If you all are going to Suleja, I will be leaving Suleja...

25. I am a techie but the only tech gadget i own is my trusty lappie...

This post is not exhaustive, it shall be constantly updated as my brain remembers more random things. Thanks


  1. Er, birthday party planning mode activated. (now contacting EME booking office for some 45, Ajayi Bem Bem close type parry #wink

    1) really? were u dat scared of coming to the world that u refused to come on time?

    i have a few questions tho. Did u say you don't know how to drive?!o_O. u can talk for 7hours?! and i tot i was a chatter box. And how did u come by ur nicknames?
    So *cough* you lost it in your mid twenties huh. I know u said not to ask but how lol

    1. Dont ask, dont tell! Gentlemen do not kiss and tell, babes.


    2. lol. the other questions nko? answer them all jor. mid twenties? still smh

    3. Mid twenties too early for you ni or too old?

      Leave that matter....

      I simply choose not to drive for the simple reason that "e no concern you"....

      Nicknames" i was always retorting i 'll injure you when i was in JSS1. the other one is "res ispa loqitur" thats latin for "it speaks for itself"...


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