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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Been Long You Saw Me! Post Birthday Blues/Hug a Blogger Award.....

No No No! This post was not inspired by Wande Coal's new single. Though the title was(if i may confess).

Where had i been? I went back to school, blogging school that is, learning about SEO, monetization, tagging, labeling and other mundane matters n issues.


I have for a couple of months pondered over the direction this blog was going to take, whether i should continue personalizing or make it professional with a defined slant and basis.

I was thinking that i should bless you all with free professional advice or continue blogging on random issues or whatever but the truth be told is that i really do not have the time to maintain two blogs unless i get a dedicated team behind me which i can not afford at the moment.

I am also thinking of moving over to Wordpress but the appeal of Blogger is still there. You might wonder where all this is coming from but i say to you, Change is the only constant in Life.

So while i was still pondering, my birthday came and went. No gifts allowed, no greetings wanted. Twas just a time to soliloquize and check personal and professional growth over the past 365 days..

Lest i forget, here is one hug a blogger award which i am presenting to the irrepressible and irresistible Toin as well as Luciano, MissPweddyFaceGingerCheDayor and AuntyJemima you rock girls.

So personal or professional? What do u think.?


  1. awwwwww....thank you.*hugs back*
    i think its your blog and anything you do is cool but i like personal with a lil bit of professional

    1. Thank you for taking the time to follow this dreary old blog.. LOL. I think i will follow your advice, a lil bit of this n that

  2. Am i allowed to blush? *wide grin* Tooo sweeet. Thanx luv *muah* (3awards in a week, i must b doing something right)
    As for the direction of your blog, i actually tot about this and i settled for everything and anything that crosses my path. So for me, i'd prefer a blend of both like Lue said. You can offer us pro-bono and give interesting views on issues. XO

  3. Thanks dear, abeg put me down o, i no be aunty o lol!..i think you should write for now what ever comes to you, from there you'll know what direction to take!


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