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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Procrastination is......

Indeed the thief of time... I really tried to post articles this past few weeks but procrastination did not help matters.

So much has happened in the last few weeks that trying to blog about the various issues now would be a kill-joy. From trends like Shem's Oga@the top
to 2face's star studded destination wedding( including the controversial gifts etc. Landcruiser Prado, Ferrari or Chevrolet Corvette, 29 or 20 people being sponsored by Gov. Akpabio aka Fada Keresi), PDP's reconciliation meetings, Gov Akpabio's lunch gift of 6 Million Naira, Traffic on Lagos Roads( like say that one na new thing), my birthday shindig, etc..... You get the drift???

So what has been happening to me? Well,  i have been so busy starting up a new business, yay, call me C.E.O., so my time has been appallingly distributed between the new start-up and the previous start-ups. You want to know what the start-up is? More on that later....

I have never been so busy in my entire life. Yes, i know, i appear indolent and care-free(apparent from my lazy write-ups) but seriously, starting a new business is like giving birth to a baby. For many more years of the baby's life, you have to feed, nourish , nurture and watch he/her grow until they are fully ready for independence. Even at that, you might still be called up to attend to some post independence issues.

However, i promise to post at least twice every week moving forward and we will kick off that with an exciting new series which is aptly titled " The How To" series.

So join me every Monday and Thursday as i would(if procrastination allows) be posting the series on those days.

Lest i forget, have a wonderful Easter. Do not break any eggs as they hatch into chickens.....LOL..

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