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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Burdens of Living in Nigeria

Dear Mr President,

I have decided not to write anything concerning you and your albatross BH on this page but your recent statement on the last outing of BH has necessitated this post.

Frankly, i did not vote for you as i do not have confidence in you and i still don't as i know for a fact that you are not the Nigerian messiah. But your statement which came almost 10 hours after the outrages in various part of my beloved Nigeria is way too low, even for your usual low standard. The Pope, within 1 hour of news reports, had issued a statement condemning the attacks but rather you went to Church and was shown on National Television dancing and your NTA reported that you felicitated with the bomb victims?????????? WTF, how insensitive can you get?

I think that the situation of your office overwhelms you and you should do the honorable thing and resign but alas, you wont as you are busy fighting to extend the presidential and other political offices to (how many years) so that according to you, there wont be the need for second term politics. While i can see reason there, i think the problems within are greater than that issue.I will not even go to the subsidy debate as it's removal without the removal of the cabal negating the downstream sector of oil production in Nigeria is to me, all hogwash, excuse my french. Why are we importing PMS? That's a topic for another day and time.

Is it really true that you said BH's outings are a burden that we have to live with in Nigeria and that it will soon go away? Do you speak and think later or you just speak without thinking? We are tired of your many guffaws( along with Dame) and the only thing considerable you have achieved is a comedic effect each time you both speak. Your statement on the Xmas day bombings was quite uncalled for; if you did not have anything to say, then do not speak.

All we want to hear is how the menace of BH will be curbed and not just empty rhetoric, but decisive action. On October 1 2010, you stated that you know the bombers and their sponsors and arrested some people( who though have been charged to court) but we know how the case will end eventually. A few weeks ago, a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was arrested on accusation of being the financier of BH but in a bizarre twist of events, upon arraignment in court, he was charged with breach of official secrets: how in hell does that translate to Terrorism?

I hate for it to be said that my Nigeria disintegrated under your watch so show this BH people that you have some balls, enough of the cowardice being executed. Let us see some decisive action being taken instead of all this empty rhetoric.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Have an action packed New Year.

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