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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I decided to keep a web log!

That's the question i decided to answer!
Seeing that i have not really bared my fangs. I think subconsciously, i do no want you reading this to be afraid of me!

I am not normal( to put it lightly). I no well to say  it as we usually yarn in this yonder parts! You well so, seeing that you are reading this!

What inspired this post self? I guess ISP downtime and the hullabaloo of living! I mean i want to make this blog my sort of online diary wherein i can just rave and grumble about ish in my life but i have come to the realisation that there is really so little about myself that i can divulge herein as i have to maintain a semblance of normality. I mean issues in my life tend to bother on the abnormal! You dont believe me, right?

So why have i decided to keep a blog? Because i want to be famous or known like Linda? Hell no! Because i want to make money? Double hell no, even Google ads rejected me before i applied. So in the name of all that's good why did i decide to keep a blog?

That's the question i am seeking to answer so if you know why, pls let me know as even I with all my quirkiness and koloness don't know yet...

Do they know it's Christmas?


  1. You are keeping a blog cause you thought you could infect your readers with your 'craze' disease. not working :p

  2. Ginger, Merry Xmas
    Not working, then how come u are posting comments@3:54 am?

    Lol, just kidding......

  3. You probably want to let out your frustrations... I think.

    Happy holz from your new follower.

    My blog's at http://misspweddyface.blogspot.com :)


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