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Friday, October 18, 2013


WHILE I WAS AWAY, Toin grew bigger, @ilola published another book, my Twittertude grew, cobwebs gathered on here, @soundsultan released a new album, Malala did not win the Nobel Peace Prize, Aluu 4' one year remembrance service held, CAN became the Christian arm of the PDP, Goodluck Jonathan states he shall have a national dialogue, Tompolo bought a Private Jet( why not, when his company received $326million(or thereabouts) as fees for policing our territorial waters, a job supposedly for the Nigerian Navy), Asari-Dokubo and 83 year old Edwin Clark establishes private universities, ASSU became the best free striker in the world, Sisi Yemmie entered for a dream wedding contest, AC, ANPP, CPC and a faction of APGA formed APC( same of the same).

So what else is new?


  1. Erm, i think you have it pretty much covered except you want to add that FFK is still writing and Stella Odua is still Aviation Minister :)

    Oh, and a guy pounded yam for me loool

  2. Lool. That you also stole my newly-coined word.


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