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Thursday, July 31, 2014

God Bless Nigeria

Where do i start this post from?? I know i promised to do better but man proposes, God disposes right?? So i know you all would forgive me when the reasons for my prolonged silence is made manifest in due course.

Now the below is a facebook post i wrote sometimes in 2009... If only the Men in Black knew..... The first paragraph is particularly instructive as to my prophetic skills.... Till i come again, stay blessed..

God Bless Nigeria

Only Out of Nigeria!

4 August 2009 at 04:17

Boko Haram? Can u imagine that in the 21th century some people could be so gullible that they believe western education's evil and would gladly give their pitiful lives up to defend their beliefs? And how come the Army whom we all regard as kill and go handed over the sect leader unharmed to the Men in Black whom summarily sent him to the waiting hands of his 70 virgins? It smacks of a conspiracy to deny us the REAL truth bout the sectatarian violence and its real sponsors!! 

N166M unpaid loan? Even if Okiro says otherwise, we all know how the thing de go!

Massacre on the Highway; how can robbers force their victims to lie on an expressway, then watch as they are dismembered by a 16wheeler and immediately ransack the dead n injured 4 valuables then most callously remove any form of identification from dead bodies thereby making their burial by relatives impropably. Haba!

Dangote & Otedola? In my opinion, too much money. Like a sage once said, money corrupts, too much absolute money corrupts absolutely!

And that concludes our continuing mini-series for now. Tune in same page next time! Ciao!Unlik
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