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Saturday, October 8, 2011

So i want a blog..


I am bored again.... So that means its time to write up a storm..( Not Katrina o).. I created a blog in November 2010 but left it after just a single post..... Whoa.... Give it up for me.. I sure have a nice record.. one blog post per year... No wonder Adsense said no sharperly...So i am building this new blog all by myself and discovering and remembering how learning a new thing( back in the days) was fun and could be fun..

On this blog, expect to be entertained in a way never experienced before as i bring a FRESHFLOW into blogging..(More on Freshflow later on).. so sit back and curl up on the sofa. grab whatever its you like grabbing and watch this video by Lat-Mo)

who is talking to all the shakara sisi out there...

This blog is still under construction..

Come back later....



  1. Lol. Its not out of boredom that you write Mr.injurer (knowing you personally ), its cos you've got an interesting view on everything. I am excited that you've decided to follow your heart on this one. Here's to the storm to follow and the impact to the world of the opinionated. More boredom to your elbow. ;)

  2. Oroque,
    Having you be the first to drop a grumb means so much especially since my inspiration for doing this comes from a cheeky young man i know whose views are simply his own. Thanks for dropping by.
    Will mail you asap...


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