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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building a blog from the basics..

So i want a blog too. Or is it not my e'too( right) as an internet savvy geek who spends a bit of time surfing......

My name is Feyi and i am proud to be a Nigerian.

My father is from Ondo State ( people say we are too stubborn but i say no, we just a tenacious people who stick to their views no matter how right or wrong we are) while my mum is from Ogun State ( Egba + Ijebu) so i am a cosmopolitan Nigerian and i do not intend to do an Andrew(remember the famous song "Nigeria go better" by Veno Marioghene (hope i got the name right) which featured Enebeli Elebuwa in the music video and contained the catchphrase "Andrew no check out" |) any time soon despite that what she sang about in 1985 is still prevalent and abounding today. If you never saw the video or heard the song, consult your nearest adult...Adult here refers to someone who was a teenager or thereabouts in 1985..
Na wa o! Has it been that long? One day e go better na poor man prayer.....

So i learnt a few things about myself recently. when i-sad trended, i saw the impact of one man's idea on people he never met and i was like whoa, what kind of obit will i get when i pay the Grim Reaper his debt?

So that got me thinking... Does money rule the world or Ideas rule the world?

Go down one step..... saw this just as i was posting.... Its in you everywhere you go...

You are still scrolling down abi? expecting to see more funny pishures  abi?

You are almost there... Keep scrolling...

You know the answer, right?

So what is your IDEA?

Welcome to my world
and here is where
i will be free
to be ME...

Still under construction.....

Come back later...
copyright 2011


  1. Still under construction? Spoken like a true son of the soil lol. I think we should give this contract to another bidder :)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  2. Fav place right? i wonder how ur un-fav places/things are. I know that song but i wasn't a teenager in the 80's o...& i tot i was an adult...oh well #shrugs#

    As for what i'll rembr u for when you're paying the Grim Reaper his debt, well, hw about being the "poster" of the creepy pic with creepy lizards, doing creepy things. :-)#wink

    Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting.
    Oh, one more thing, er Start BLOGGING! AUNTY Toin says so. Oya, i'll follow ur blog bt u have to do more dan once a year o

  3. You are welcome, Ginger...

    I'm trying to learn how to build webpages by myself so this is all trial and error. Making changes until i get what i really desire..


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