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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thoughts of a young(not so young) Nigerian: So i want a blog..

Thoughts of a young(not so young) Nigerian: So i want a blog..

so i want a blog. then build one. so i built one. Mind you, i was an art student..
So now that i have built one, wetin go be the contents thereof.....
Should i write my mini-autobiography online....(might keep u all entertained as i have lived a very interesting life) or should i write a themed blog or Should i write about my university days? Boring as i passed through school but school left me behind...want to see some of my school pics... click here....


so you clicked truly?

Sorry about the joke but the point i was trying to make is that at times, we need not to take ourselves too seriously and also have the grace to see humour around us as the stress of daily living can take its toll on our lives. This blog is all about me and what's on my mind.. I know some people probably might be mistaken by the address (i.e gistmerchant.blogspot.com) and conclude that i will be doing a Linda Ikeji or Olufamousblog but so sorry to disappoint you, this blog is my place on the www to rant, rave or say what's on my seriously disturbed mind.. the only gist you shall be getting is what's trending on my mind. LOL. If you want gossip and other gist, here is Linda's blog lindaikeji.blogspot.com and OluFamous' blog olufamous.blogspot.com

I am passionate about a lot of things some of which are Chelsea ( the football club o, not the drink), Nigeria( how to make it a better place than we met it), food( if i could afford it, i will be a gourmand) sports, tee-vee( i love watching series gan ni o and my favourite tv character is Dr. Gregory House played by British actor, Hugh Laurie( who just released an album) in the medical series, House MD), music( i have an eclectic taste and can listen to anything that sounds nice to my ears http://soundcloud.com/lat-mo/lat-mo-ft-fatai-rolling) in no particular order.

Watch Hugh Laurie's live performance above. See why i like him.. his little comedic performance before singing is him being him.. Some of my friends have said to me that i am seriously flawed like Dr House.. i admit that might be true as i am cynical and sarcastic as it gets. here is the Amazon link if you are interested in his albumhttp://www.amazon.com/Let-Them-Talk-Hugh-Laurie/dp/B005IFWXWU/ref=sr_1_1_digr?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1321549517&sr=1-1

So that's me...

PS. i wrote this in September 2011 but never got to posting it. so enjoy...


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