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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crass Materialism

What is the problem with modern day Nigeria?

If you ask me, CRASS MATERIALISM...

Why do i say so? Simple
In Nigeria of my pikinhood childhood, a child was taught some fundamental principles which were applicable all round..
1. Respect for Elders: This was drummed  knocked into our heads from a young head. you have to greet everyone first time you saw them in the day whether they were known to you or not, provided they were older than you. You wouldn't dare to interrupt an elder when he or she was talking( who dashed monkey banana) but what do we have this days?
2. Dignity in Labour: I swear money wasn't the big deal it is today back then. Our parents worked hard, were content with the little they had( at least my father was)maybe the fact that Life was much easier then was a factor but the rate at which most young men and women of this times pursue money owo, ego, kudi, dough, duchy etc and go to any length to achieve this is sickening to me at least. maybe i am too weird for my own good but i feel that we all in a quest to live the good life miss the plot totally.. Don't get me wrong, if you are fortunate to earn 7 figures from a legitimate source of income, jolly well you but do not buga come to show to me your new wonder on wheels cos frankly that doesnt freak me...I would be happy for you but i will also pray for you.
3. Sense of Importance: this is the main reason why i am typing this note at an hour i should be getting my beauty sleep.. We lost the plot totally  when we started to place importance on titles.. imagine someone who happens to be an engineer going by this hailings: Chief Engr.(Dr.) Pastor or the one that sets me off my tangent (Ballister) no apologies to any misconceived notion. Haba, any lawyer worth his wig n gown will not stand up in court to introduce his name as Ballister GANI Atawewe as his outfit already announces him as one. mind you, the ONLY time a lawyer is a barrister is when he is functioning in that office of advocacy before the court. immediately he (no gender at the Bar) removes the wig n the gown, he is plain old mister or miss or mrs as the case may be. it has gotten so bad that everybody now uses some title or the other before their name: Dame, Engr, Barr, Tpl(town planner), Arch, Pharm, Acct, Pastor...
4. i wan go sleep... i don tire..


  1. Where the heck have i been? *looking around* Am i in the right house? looks soo diferent and..er, kinda nice. *shouts* Ekule nibi o! Doesn't seem like any1 is home.

    1) lmao @Pikinhood and Gani Atawewe.
    2) The respect for elders is soooo gone. I dont know y we're loosing the real "US" in 9ja
    3)anoda name for money: Pepper lol. I soo agree with ur #2 tho. I was discussing with a male frnd & he mentioned how he wanted to have Bill-Gate-like money and would do anything for it except kill & he wasn't joking. I told him i def liked money but not that kinda money. I dont want what will keep me up at night. I would like to give back to the society in anyway i can but not with that kinda headache. He tot i was weird. We no longer talk sha cos i don't wana be found on my knees in 1 wardrobe with a calabash full of money on my head.

  2. @Toinlicious: you are so funny.Lol@ being found on knees with calabash on head.. i tried at making the template more inviting and modern but i dont know where i missed it as all my customization of the past 2 weeks have been lost when i tried enabling dynamic veiws. Where have you been since? Trust u are good sha?

  3. My brova, aint dat d truth tho. I'm ai jere. Just had a lot going on. Still do but I'm determined not to abandon blogville 4too long. Hope ur gud too. Ai, so do more "interior decoration" with ur blog & let's c. I'm liking wat I c tho

  4. Lmao @ Toinlicious, na so you fear reach; so tey you no dey yarn with your friend again. I agree with G.M that the respect for the elders is gone. Nowadays, I pass the kids in my compound and they will look at you korokoro in the eyes and not greet. *smh*.

    P.S: I preferred the name "Da Injurer". It had a certain swag to it.

  5. @Che:

    Thanks for stopping by: Da Injurer is one of my many personas and he only steps out once in a red moon. He is the mean, lean and angry guy you see at the corner and you are like: WTF?

    Lol, just kidding..


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