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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I love Nigeria.

What about you? You don't right? That's exactly the problem with Nigeria... We all have desires of the Nigeria we want but how many of us are actually doing something positive in that regard?

I really want to say something on the issues raging through social media in Nigeria at the moment a la carte National honours given to some people on Monday
but i think Prof Achebe has succinctly addressed the issue heads on by rejecting his award of CFR  or has someone on my news feed puts  it" Achebe gets new award! “Albert Chinualumogu Achebe. CFR-DT (Commander of Federal Republic Declined...Twice" lol.

I still love Nigeria.. what about you?Just as i was about posting this, i came across this pictures.

Puts everything in perspective, innit?

I mean it seems we are really in the end times as predicted by Jesus Christ as all the signs he gave are here with us.. the other day, the British Prime Minister threatened to cut off aid to countries that don't support gay rights. The Ghanaian President adequately responded by telling him it's not in our culture. 

At times like this, i just wonder what the fuss about this thing called LIFE is really all about.

Nigeria shall be great again but it needs my cooperation and yours too to make it work. The journey to nationhood is fraught with many difficulties but they are not insurmountable as all it takes is the willpower to achieve a desired effect.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Yours sincerely,



  1. I always say this: as much as i'm an eternal optimist, Nigeria can suck life out of you. I somehow still believe Nigeria will get there...eventually.

    As for the proudly incestuous mumus up there, that is just wrong on too many levels. Even if they mumuciously carry on, isn't there a law against that?
    End times mehn #sigh

  2. Lol @ the girl proposing to the guy. That's ridiculous o. Nigeria, my Nigeria. The country dey tire me most of the time, but I'm determined to stick with it and make something good out of it. As for the increase in all the nonsense going on in the world, the end is truly near.



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