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Monday, November 28, 2011

Political Correctness/Freedom of Speech: The Nando's Ads

I came across this advert by South African fast food chain, Nando's during a recent web-crawling and i was struck by a couple of things: 1. What limits do we have on freedom of speech? As much as the advert was funny and witty and a very good use of poetic license,
i felt it was an infringement on the rights of the people depicted therein which amounts to a tort: Aside this, what struck me was the fact that, apparently there were two adverts; one featuring Chairman Mao among the characters and another without him. To me, the editing was done for political correctness as China has gradually grown to being the only world Super-Power capable of withstanding American might as Russia( strictly speaking) is a poor shadow of its former self. The rise and rise of Chinese imperialism is actually a good thing for the world as America was gradually turning to the world's REAL LAST DICTATOR standing. Please watch the videos( videos provided by YouTube) below and make your observations and as always, your comments are welcomed. Thank you and have a great week ahead.

               Below is the advert as originally directed before it was edited for political correctness.

Did anyone see the golden rifle as used by Mummar? Lol!


  1. Funny Ads! And they did make them up to look exactly like the real characters too.

    Its actaully not a new thing in advertisinig. There are Ads that are just like these. I just can't imagine it being done in Nigeria...it would raise a lot of rukus....and funny enough, we have enough characters that can be spoofed!

  2. I thought the adverts were hella funny jor especially Mug and Gad (RIP) playing in the sand..lol. Infringement of right ko. Infringement of right ni. Thankfully its only Mugabe that can complain....he should go and hug transformer joo.

  3. @Afronuts,

    You are right about Nigeria having enough characters who can be spoofed: Oby, Segun Arinze, Barkin Zuwo easily comes to mind.

    Mugs and Gad? That was Mugs and Saddam o! Lol, thanks for following:

  4. And water gun?! lmao. tew funny.
    lol@Afronuts. You're soo right. too many 9ja peeps to use


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