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Friday, November 25, 2011

Grumblings from Overseas! The Pepper Spray Movie in pictures

 I am posting this not for laughter only but to show that we all in this world are one!

See wetin we dey experience since like forever! So na just pepper way de inside can na him dem cause so much wahala? Make dem come 9ja see wetin MOPOL n Police dem use awa eye see!

Forgive my speaking broken English, here is the translation of the above paragraph ( for those who don't understand it)! We have been experiencing police brutality since like forever and i can not just imagine that pepper spraying of innocent protesters is causing so much rumpus! Non Nigerians need to visit Nigeria to witness first hand what Police brutality is really about!

Lt. John Pike has made himself popular though infamously but he is going down in history as the Causal Pepper Spray Policeman. Here are some pictures of him being meme(d). ( Photos courtesy of The Guardian on Facebook). Don't know what a meme is?
Pls google it or wiki it!

This dude is a superman, he doused an atomic bomb with Pepper Spray

                                                            Pike's Pepper HairSpray! Out in stores now!

Lt Pike visits the Warsaw ghetto

Even babies got Piked. 

Martin Luther got pepper sprayed

Even this painting was pepper sprayed

We all have a dark side

 My personal favorite, that is why i am repeating it!

Now this post is not intended to  make fun of the serious issues herein but to let have a lighter look at Lt. Pike's behaviour in the larger context of people in authority! What is it with people in UNIFORMS? LASTMA, VIO, MOPOL, OLOPA, SOJA, NURTW, RTEAN, MAN-O-WAR ETC AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD(though its more pronounced in the so-called 3rd World)?

Lt. Pike's action has even been likened to an affront to liberty, even the American Declaration of Independence was not spared his pepper spraying. 

The causal way he sprayed the UC Davis students is what stunned the entire world. I mean he was just strolling and spraying each individual like "take that, here is yours" like he was handing out presents at a kiddies party. I mean, WTeff was that? My take is that Lt Pike has serious issues and he took it out on the undefended students like a true psychopath. Have a closer look at the below pishure and make your observations.

Like this post? Please drop your comments as this is a serious issue that we all should relate to!

Thank you for coming by!

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